vara team

VARA Team Criteria

VARA Team members will receive complementary entry fees for all VARA races for the year they are named to the team. All VARA team members must be current VARA members and are responsible for renewing membership for the upcoming competitive season.

Selection for the VARA TEAM is as follows:
1. U16 VARA State Overall Champion M/W
2. VT Cup Series Overall gold medalists U16 and U21-19 M/W
3. U14 VARA State Championship gold medalists per event, M/W
4. George Tormey VARA Spring Series Overall Champions (1st Pl M/W)
5. Gold medalist per event and combined for; Jr Eastern Championships (fis), U19 Nationals, U16 Eastern Championships, U14 Eastern Championships
6. VT USST & Eastern Team members are considered Honorary VARA Team Members.

Athletes must have been a current member of VARA and of a Vermont club for the previous competitive season. The VARA Team will be recognized at the VARA Gala and will be named prior to that event.

2017 VARA Team Club
Andrew Postal GMVS
Diego Holscher SMS
Elise Michaels OMS
Johann Meyer GMVS
Kristina Bonnet OMS
Lucas Heald PICO
Mackenzie Arnott MMSC
Maddie Semet SMS
Max Martin GMVS
Megan Whipple BMA
Olivia Holm SMS
Samantha McClellan GMVS
Samantha Trudeau BMA
Tanner Graves KMS
Tatum Coutu BMA
Trevor McGlaflin GMVS